The film Yury Olesha, aka “Writer” is about the Odessa-born novelist who wrote two of the most popular and inventive works of the 1920s, The Three Fat Men (1924) and Envy (1927), before falling into alcoholism and inactivity.

For Roma Liberov, Yury Olesha is symbolic of a failure to adjust to the new exigencies of Soviet literature: “He wanted a rich and easy life and he knew he was talented enough to have it. But after 1917 people wanted him to build a new culture, a new civilisation. And he was a weak man so he broke. From 1931 until the ‘50s he didn’t publish a single thing.”

Roman Liberov is a filmmaker , scriptwriter. He was born in Vilnius. Roman graduated from the faculty of nonfiction film of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. He trained on the BBC channel, collaborated with Russian and foreign TV-channels as a scriptwriter, director and producer. He is working on the cycle of “writer’s films,” of which he’s already finished: “Yury Olesha called “the writer,”” “Conversation with the celestial” (to the jubilee of Joseph Brodsky), “One day of Zhora Vladimav,” “Written by Sergey Dovlatov,” “ILF&PETROV,” “Save my speech forever” (about Osip Mandelstam). The finalist of TEFI 2010, the participant of the best nonfiction TV-film program 2010 of the festivals “Lavr” and “Artdocfest.”


The film will be in Russian with English subtitles. The subtitles made by Liza Steinberg. The screening will be followed by a short Q&A with the director Roma Liberov.

 This is a joint event with ARCC.