After having her solo exhibition at the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, an exceptionally gifted artist Sasha Frolova opens her new show  Inflandia at the Luftmuseum in Amberg,  Germany, on 29th April.

The sculptures of Russian artist Sasha Frolova are kind of eccentric: small and gigantic figures are made of brightly coloured latex and cause sensation in public space. Even more eccentric are her live performances. In 2014 she won the title of the Alternative Miss World with her hands down and was congratulated on this by a fellow British  artist Andrew Logan, who holds Sasha’s works in great esteem!  Sasha is also a performer artist who tours the world with her pop-art and electronic music project known as AQUAAEROBIKA. She and supporting dancers are dressed in fancy latex-outfits and sing electropop music. Sasha Frolova has the finger on the pulse and excites audience of all ages. On ARTE (german-french TV) was a report about the „Superheroine in Latex Dress“ that described her performance art as a mix of fetish, children’s fantasy and art. In her solo exhibition at the AIR MUSEUM Amberg, Frolova creates her own alternative dreamworld made of fantastic shapes and creatures, and invites the visitors to INFLANDIA. The show will run from 29th April to 30th July 2017. To book your tickets, please, proceed to the website:

Sasha Frolova (b. 1984) lives and works in Moscow. 2002 graduated from the Stroganov School of Art, Moscow College of Art and Industry. 2004-2008 she completed her degree at the National Design Institute by Union of Designers (Department of Graphics and Design). 2006 graduated majoring in the “New Art Strategies” in Contemporary Art which she studied at the Institute of the Problems of Contemporary Art founded and run by the celebrated curator and former commissar of the Moscow Biennale Joseph Backshtein. Frolova teaches practical courses on performance art and sculpture.

In 2009 Sasha was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize in the category Young Artist. Project of the Year. 

Between 2010-2012 she cooperated with the artist Aidan Salahkova and Aidan  Gallery

In 2013 she began her cooperation with Art Re.Flex Gallery  in St. Petersburg and Federica Ghizzoni Gallery  in Milan.

In 2012/13 Sasha was announced as finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice in the nomination “Personal exhibition”.

In 2014 Sasha Frolova won the Alternative Miss World  competition in London. 

Founder and the driving force behind the  Aquaaerobika project, Sasha blurs the boundaries between the electropop music and art performance. Sasha also exhibited in London with such galleries, as 291 Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Riflemaker Gallery,  and participated at the Russian Winter Festival taking place at the Trafalgar Square.

Sasha Frolova teaches practical courses on performance art and sculpture. She has also exhibited in Hamburg (Germany), San Sebastian (Spain), Kiev (Ukraine) and in France. In Moscow she had her shows at the State Shchusev’s Museum of Architecture, NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Art) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

In 2016 -2017 she held her extensive solo show Paradizarium curated by Nailya Allakhverdieva at the Perm Museum for Contemporary Art.