B. Kustodiev, Pushkin, 1915. Courtesy@National Pushkin Museum, St Petersburg

The exhibition is organized by the oldest National Pushkin Museum in Russia, possessing a unique collection that provides a chance to learn of the reception of A. Pushkin’s life and works in the Soviet times. The visitors will also see rarely exhibited materials from the museum collection.

In the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, we look back to Pushkin in an attempt to understand who was the poet for us in the ХХ century and what he represented, how the Pushkin legend was forming and transforming itself in different periods of the Soviet history. Visitors to the museum will be able to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of the first years after the Revolution, which urged: «Throw Pushkin off the steamboat of the modern life».

The visitors will also be able to plunge into the age of creation of the Pushkin myth; acquaint themselves with the Pushkin of the Russian emigration; see images of Pushkin through the eyes of the soldiers  defending Russia in the Great Patriotic War; meet the Pushkin of the Khrushchev «thaw» age.

A Pushkin Poster, 1937. Courtesy@National Pushkin Museum, St Petersburg

Special subject of the exhibition is the ongoing commemoration of the poet in the ХХ century: creation of expositions and memorial museums, celebration of the important Pushkin dates in the Soviet Union and abroad, in emigrant circles.

The exhibition includes the best works of the 20th century inspired by Pushkin’s life and poetry, such as: painting by N. Ulyanov «Pushkin and Pushkina in front of the mirror at the court ball», pictures by M. Sarian «Caucasus. Bezobdal Pass» and P. Konchalovsky «Pushkin composing verses»; models of Pushkin monuments by L. Shervud, S. Konenkov, A. Matveev, M. Anikushin; Pushkin’s portraits by V. Serov, V. Shukhaev, K. Yuon; illustration of poet’s works by A. Benois, I. Bilibin, M. Dobuzhinsky, V. Favorsky, K. Rudakov, N. Kuzmin, T. Mavrinov, etc.; rare Soviet and foreign editions of A. Pushkin works; books printed during the Great Patriotic War; as well as rare documents and photos. Pushkin’s memorabilia obtained in certain period of the Soviet epoch will also be displayed in the exhibition space.