ANTOLOGIAAn exhibition of artworks by Alexey Morozov

December 15, 2011 – January 16, 2012The State Russian Museum. Marble PalaceSt. Petersburg, RussiaExhibition curator: Alexander BorovskyFrom December 15, 2011 to January 16, 2012 the State Russian Museum presents “ ANTOLOGIA ” – the first museum exhibition by Alexey Morozov, one of Russia’s most interesting artists of the 21 st century generation. On display in the Marble Palace will be about 60 pieces, including paintings, sculpture and graphics. Some are completely new, while others are already well-known.

“ ANTOLOGIA ” is the artist’s largest exhibition ever held, and which he sees as a reflection on Pax Romana, a long period of relative peace in the first and second centuries BC that allowed Greco-Roman culture to became a foundation of modern Western civilization. “Morozov develops his own poetics (in fact, an attitude to the Classics) with far-reaching goals,’’ said Alexander Borovsky, head of contemporary art at the State Russian Museum. “His are ambitious goals, and it is interesting that we learn one main thing: the reason for the vitality of the Hellenistic world as art, as an attitude to life, and etc.’’Morozov believes that European civilization must more often refer to the past, and revisit its positions towards allegory, myth and historical scenes in order to discover a new meaning. The art of Alexey Morozov proves that classical forms have not died, and that traditions and innovations may well coexist.ALEXEY MOROZOV (born 1974) was born in Uzbekistan, and graduated from the Moscow State Academic Surikov Art Institute (workshop of Lev Kerbel). In 1999 he went to the south of France to study classical sculpture and French terracotta. A year later, Morozov began collaboration with the artist Timur Novikov, the founder of the New Academy of Fine Art movement. In 2003 Morozov had two solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg: in D-137 Gallery – “Craft Deco_classic” and in the New Academy – “Craft Deco_academic”. In Moscow his work has been shown in group exhibitions, and he is represented by Triumph Gallery. Morozov lives and works in Moscow and Bologna. For more information please contact Alexey Morozov’s international press agent, John Varoli PR: