Resurrecting the Past: Lost Stories of the Archives

A roundtable discussion with Catherine Merridale, Vladimir Alexandrov and Giles Milton

6.30-8pm, Tuesday November 26th

The Russian Bookshop, Waterstone’s, Piccadilly

The Russian Bookshop at Waterstones and Russian Art and Culture are delighted to present a roundtable discussion with bestselling international historians. Focusing on the theme of personal experiences of Revolutionary Russia, the authors will discuss their research into the lives of a handful of exceptional individuals who found their lives upended by the events of 1917. The panel will reveal how they used archival material to piece together the experiences of their subjects and what these individual stories can reveal about Russian history as a whole. Speakers include the acclaimed Catherine Merridale, author of the forthcoming book Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin, Giles Milton, author of Russian Roulette: A Deadly Game: How British Spies Thwarted Lenin’s Global Plot, and Yale academic Vladimir Alexandrov, whose new book The Black Russian has achieved international success. This event forms part of the Russian Art Week programme in London in November. The discussion will be chaired by Theodora Clarke, Editor of Russian Art and Culture, who publishes the event’s official guide. Alexandrov_Vladimir_c_Sybil_W_Alexandrov Vladimir Alexandrov Vladimir grew up in New York City in a Russian émigré family. After getting Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geology from Queens College and The City College of New York, he decided that wanted to understand more about himself and other people. His solution was to switch to studying literature and the humanities, culminating with a PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton. After teaching in the Slavic Department at Harvard, Vladimir moved to Yale University in 1986, where he continues to teach courses on Russian literature and culture. His most recent publication, The Black Russian, tells the remarkable story of Frederick Bruce Thomas, an African-American man who made his fortune in Russia during the final years of Imperial rule.   catherinemerr  Catherine Merridale Catherine Merridale is Professor of Contemporary History at Queen Mary, University of London. She has also written for The  Guardian, the Literary Review and the London Review of Books, and contributes regularly to broadcasts on BBC radio. A       pioneer of oral history in Russia, Professor Merridale has covered a fascinating range of Russian history, from her study of how Russians have coped with loss and bereavement in Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Russia (Granta, 2000) to her look at the Second World War from the perspective of a typical Soviet soldier in Ivan’s Death in the Red Army War: Life and Death in the Red Army, 1939-1945 (Faber and Faber, 2005). Her forthcoming book Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin (Allan Lane/Penguin Books, 2013) takes readers behind the red walls and towers of the Kremlin, tracing the rich history of  Russia’s most famous landmark from Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin.   Giles Milton giles milton Giles Milton is the internationally best-selling author of eight works of popular history, including Nathaniel’s Nutmeg. His books have been translated into twenty languages. Giles Milton’s latest book, Russian Roulette: A Deadly Game: How British Spies Thwarted Lenin’s Global Plot, tells the unknown story of a group of British spies smuggled into Soviet Russia on an undercover mission to thwart Lenin’s Bolshevik-Islamic plot to topple British India and the Western democracies. Their work was to have an unexpected consequence, one that continues to influence our lives today. Giles’ book White Gold – the story of the white slave trade – is currently being piloted as a major 10-part Channel 4 series.   For the full Russian Art Week programme visit Book tickets (£5/ £3 Waterstones Cardholders) at The Russian Bookshop at Waterstone’s Picadilly or 02078512400 Waterstones 203-206 Piccadilly London W1J 9HD