A well-known in Russia writer and historian Edward Radzinsky will be giving a talk in London on 16th May and will invite the listeners to go over the pivotal events in the Russian history, step by step,  all over again. It is not just an academic lecture — it is some kind of a meditation on history, an attempt to grasp and to comprehend the course of the Russian history, the path of the nation, its triumphs and pitfalls.

Here are some subjects offered by the  the historian for the discussion throughout the evening:

-A belated revolution: the tragedy of Russia

– Two major warnings, unattended

– A certain 1917

One should look into the past in order to understand and foresee the future. The facts Radzinsky selects and the interpretations he offers are quite original and indicative of his personal, unique vision of the Russian history. Although he studied in the Moscow Archive Institute (Now RGGU – the State University for Humanities) and is a trained historian, Radzinsky has never called himself ether a historian or a scholar. On the contrary, he has always stressed that he was predominantly a writer

Despite the fact that we live in the digital age, a personal contact and  an encounter with the person of such scope (a live classic in Russia, a descendant of the writing dynasty — Edward’s father was also a famous playwright) is always a significant event in the cultural life of London.

This lecture is a charity event organised and run by the foundation “Chance for Life”.  All the money raised in the course of the evening will go for the treatment of a baby-girl  Elisaveta Reshetova born with cranial pathologies. Please, see the details on: www.life-line.ru