The event is simultaneously a book launch and the evening of reminiscences, brought together by the main theme. “Encounters of an Old Emigre with Remarkable Russian People” will be the main theme of the event featuring the Cambridge Professor of the Russian Language and Literature  Irina Kirillova who launches her new book titled  “Encounters. Remarkable Russian People in Russia and Abroad”. Prof.  Irina Arsenyevna Kirillova is the descendant of the first wave white emigres. In her memoirs the author tells about her family, their forced exile after the revolution, their love for Russia, Russian culture and the history.

The narrative is based on the author’s memories of her encounters with such outstanding Russians as E. Hill, M. Fadeeva, N. Gorodetskaya, M. Zernova-Kulman, N. Berdyaev, book. Dm. Obolensky, M. Plisetskaya, G. Ulanova, D. Oistrakh, A. Tvardovsky, A. Surkov, K. Fedin, K. Paustovsky, A. Akhmatova, D. Likhachev, A. Tarkovsky, A. Solzhenitsyn, M. Rostropovich, D. Shostakovich, L. Kapitsa, I. von Schlippe, E. Genieva, Y. Lyubimov, Prince Charles, Patriarch Alexy II, M. Gorbachev, B. Yeltsin, V. Putin. A whole chapter is devoted to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh,

The book launch will conclude with a discussion and book signing.