The Tribe Theatre Collective will present a stage adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece, Crime and Punishment, in a taut, razor sharp, award-winning version by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus.

One of the greatest novels of all time, this rich, complex and vast story has been skilfully crystallised into 90 minutes of gripping theatre. The iconic story of a young man living in poverty, driven to murder by his obsession with the idea of the ‘extraordinary man’, is performed by just four actors, who enter a feverish world – a world of hardship, cruelty, dark humour, unshakable faith in the power of redemption, and, quite possibly, a resurrection.

The Tribe is a newly formed ensemble, founded by director Andrei Biziorek, whose focus is an actor-centred theatre, a collection of talented artists with a passion for creating theatre that is intuitively experiential and creatively alive.