The Museum of Russian Icons will be presenting Corncobs to Cosmonauts: Redefining the Holidays during the Soviet Era, an exhibition transforming the Museum’s West Gallery into a Russian Winter Wonderland.  The centerpiece of the exhibition will be more than 150 Soviet-era ornaments displayed alongside various-sized and decorated “New Year’s Trees,” together with holiday toys, books, and cards.

The majority of the ornaments have been donated to the museum by collector Frank Sciacca. The ornaments depict a variety of non-religious objects that were important to both the average Russian citizen and the Soviet state.  These include folk heroes and cartoon characters, funny clowns and chubby babies, state emblems and objects that celebrate the productivity of farms and factories.

  • Date: 09 November 2018 - 27 December 2018
  • The Museum of Russian Icons 203 Union Street Clinton, MA 01510
  • Time: Tuesday–Friday, 11AM to 4PM; Saturday and Sunday, 11AM to 5PM
  • Website: