ccracJoint conference with The Cambridge Courtauld Russian Art Centre (CCRAC), Yaroslavl State University, and Moscow State University The Department of History, Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, Russia

Printed media was arguably the most important form of communication for progressive literature and visual arts both in Russia and Britain in the first half of the 20th century, but also exerted powerful influence from the 18th century onwards. This two-day conference will draw together an international line-up of experts from Cambridge, London, Moscow and Yaroslavl to focus on printed media in a range of contexts, including fine art prints, posters, journals and magazines. 

The conference will include monographic, thematic and problem-oriented papers on printed media published in Russia and abroad from the late 18th to the mid-20th century. Encompassing an interdisciplinary perspective, diverse methodological approaches and detailed case studies, these will examine printed media as a discursive space of communication, as a gesamtkunstwerk, and as a historical document. As recent scholarship positions Russian art in an international context, a particular aim is to explore the relationships between local contexts and international networks. Special attention will also be paid to the role of printed media in Imperial and Soviet propaganda, and to the complex nature of national/local versus international/cosmopolitan. Collectively, the papers aim to expand our understanding of printed media as a vital and often problematic stimulant in cultural and aesthetic debate.

The conference has been kindly sponsored by the IN ARTIBUS foundation and Yaroslavl State University.

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