Kino Klassika presents a collaboration with the Centre Pompidou to celebrate the publication of a new French edition of Dziga Vertov’s writings, with a day of talks, lectures by a panel of Vertov specialists and a screening of Enthusiasm in Paris on December 20th.

Dziga Vertov, Le Ciné-Œil de la Révolution. Écrits sur le cinéma [The Kino-Eye of the Revolution. Writings on Cinema], is edited by Antonio Somaini (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3), François Albera (University of Lausanne), and Irina Tcherneva (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales). In collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum, which houses a very important Vertov collection, the publication will cover the entire span of Vertov’s career, from 1917-18, all the way to the very last texts.

The guiding idea of this new French edition of Vertov’s writings is to present his work not only from the perspective of a history of Russian and Soviet cinema, but also from the perspective of a theory of media. Besides providing all the fundamental biographical and bibliographical information about Vertov, new emphasis will focus on how Vertov used cinema as a materialist medium capable of visualising the technical infrastructure of the new social system produced by the 1917 Revolution, a medium that provided innovative ways of seeing, hearing, and understanding the new Soviet society.

The conference is organised by the Centre Pompidou in collaboration with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, Kino Klassika Foundation, and Laboratoire International de Recherches en Arts (LIRA).