Cockroaches, the original translation and production of Mikhail Bulgakov’s Flight by Anastasiya Sosis is coming to Etcetera Theatre Camden 13-18 March 2018

In this play, Anastasia stages the first unedited version of Bulgakov’s play she accidentally stubled upon in Moscow. Originally from Donetsk, which is currently embroiled into a civil  war  and sandwiched between Russia and Ukraine, she was astonished by how many parallels one can draw between “then”, when the play was written, and “now”.

In her own words: “The coincidence was far too great. The play was perfectly encapsulating my experience and understanding of the civil war in Ukraine. It was beautiful and tragic, a bad dream, a nightmare of tragedy and evil. People in that play with the best intentions brought the worst things on themselves and others, and why? Because they didn’t want to believe they were capable of evil. That play, written nearly a hundred years ago, had an answer to why my country was suffering and was consumed by war”. And then she stumbles upon the reprint of the unedited Bulgakov’s  Flight. ” I realised then that I HAD to put this play on. If I were a character from “Flight”, I’d have said “It’s fate!” — sums it up Anastasia Sosis.