What happens if the history of contemporary Russian art is retold from the point of view of female artists?

Drawing from her interviews with female artists and analysis of their works, curator and art historian Elena Zaitseva will examine the radical changes that impacted the Russian art of the 1990s and 2000s as perestroika exposed local artists to the global art scene. What was the place of female artists in those radical changes and how do they perceive their role in them? Why do debates on gender in Russian art continue to rage, even growing in intensity? How does the art of feminism and resistance intersect with an emerging art market and new distribution of power?

About Elena Zaytseva

Elena Zaytseva, is an independent curator and historian of art. Until 2020 she was the Associate Curator at Pushkin House, London. From 2003-2007 she worked as a curator at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, where she co-curated major exhibitions of contemporary art, collection displays and series of lectures and talks on modern and contemporary art. She curated special projects of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art (2005-2007) and exhibitions in independent art spaces in Moscow and London. She holds a PhD from the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts, Moscow and an MFA Curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a co-editor of Cosmic Shift: Russian Contemporary Art Writing, published in English by ZED Books, London in 2017.