Dedicated educator Frank Thoms shares the incredible story of the time he spent living and working in the USSR as an English teacher in the 1980s in his riveting memoir, “Behind the Red Veil: An American inside Gorbachev’s Russia”. In this first person account, Thoms recalls his experiences bonding with Russian students and colleagues, and the empathy and respect that drove their interactions. Thoms visited the Soviet Union seeking to find common ground with its citizens  — not to judge but to learn, not to bring America to them, but to be an American with them. As a result, he gained the trust and confidence of the people he befriended — and discovered much about himself. Behind the Red Veil offers important food-for-thought regarding intercultural communications while also sharing engaging firsthand experiences from a man who let his deep passion for Russian art and culture guide him to the country.

“Frank Thoms’s Behind the Red Veil is not only a souvenir from the USSR but also to a great extent an insight into what Russian schools feel deep inside. When Frank appeared at my school, he did not feel, look, or smell like a teacher. His teaching and learning was the Klondike of new experience, both for him and me.” –Mikhail Baushev, former teacher at School Nº185

“An insightful perspective of an American educator’s experience within the Soviet education system. Thoms manages to write his story with warmth and wisdom. A delightful read.”–Pavel Kozhevnikov, Lecturer, Russian Language and Cultures, University of Colorado

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