Marc Chagall. “Les fiancés aux anémones“. 1979. Oil and tempera on canvas. 91.5 × 64.5 cm. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019. Estimate EUR 1,000,000–1,500,000

Grisebach’s evening auction will bring Modern Art highlights into dialogue with Contemporary positions (e.g. Corinth-Lichtenstein, Käthe Kollwitz-Arnulf Rainer). At the forefront of the selection of modern artworks is a masterful late work by Chagall. An important testimony to Expressionism is a postcard by Marc, as well as e.g. a Pechstein, which colorfully reflects early Brücke. The Contemporary Art collection is offering a top-quality selection of works by renowned German artists (e.g. Förg, Graubner).

The painting will be auctioned off to benefit the charity organization KIRIAT YEARIM. KIRIAT YEARIM is a Swiss Christian-Jewish charity organization for children and young people that operates a Youth Village of the same name and boarding school near Jerusalem. It was originally built in 1951 for orphans who had survived the Holocaust and is since offering support for socially disadvantaged youths in Israel – irrespective of their place of origin, language and religion. The non-profit organization supports children and young people on their way to becoming responsible and confident members of society and commits itself to social integration. Schooling, education and culture are the fundamental building blocks.

KIRIAT YEARIM currently provides a home and future to around 150 young people. They are taught in six classes, supported in their personal development and given new perspectives. The Village is to be extended in the near future for former pupils in order to provide a home for young adults during their further education. New workshops – for art subjects, amongst others – are also planned.

In the promotion of projects, the focus is always on sustainability and effectiveness, as well as high quality, transparency and integrity of all parties involved. Mindfulness and understanding should be lived and promoted, and a contribution to international understanding and world peace should be made.