Welcome to Day 3 of our Virtual Artistic Residence! This time FRYM talks about the artist’s studio.

Artist’s studio is a sacral escape place. There’s no right size to fit all. Some artists make sure to rent their space far from home. Some would build a studio in the back garden, but today I’ll tell you what my ideal space is like.

Day 3: Artist’s Studio. @Frym

I recently re-purposed a room in my place for the atelier. It’s was crucial for me to live and work in the same space. I don’t have a switch that I can flip on and off for when I can or cannot paint. I wish I had. If I ever had a studio elsewhere I’d eventually move my couch and a fridge in there, pronouncing it my new home.

Everything that is in my atelier should be foldable/bendable/hidable and transferable. It takes me a while to establish order, but once it’s achieved, I hardly ever agree to change it. Therefore, it’s important that my table can change the size and shelves can be added.

The electric light is only when it’s absolutely necessary. There’s something very ‘forcing’ in the electrical lighting. I much prefer to wake up earlier and go straight to my working desk. In the evening I have plenty of white simple domestic candles. They create a perfect sphere of light, which doesn’t reach far across the room and so doesn’t let my mind wander away.

The smallest objects quite often are the most important. You won’t believe how perfect this little shell is for when I need to measure just a drop of ink. Its bent relief helps to wash away the excess liquid of my brushes.

Day 3: Artist’s Studio. @Frym

Some rocks from the Seven Sisters cliffs securely preserved for when I want to draw with them.

Day 3: Artist’s Studio. @Frym

A cement piece of moulding, picked up on the street in Murano works as a pedestal for the laden burner. Yes, laden – another absolute necessity for work.

Day 3: Artist’s Studio. @Frym

I use the one from Belgium named “Balms of the Holy Cross”. It’s sweet and citrusy but once burned makes a musky alluring smoke.

Don’t trust those artists, who say they can’t create outside of their environment. But equally, I wouldn’t trust those, who’s space doesn’t reveal a part of their inner weirdness.

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