Jam Factory Art Centre in Lviv launched “Artists in War”, a programme to support the communities of independent art and culture in Ukraine. Art remains an essential part of reflecting on the situation, and elevating the voices of those affected by it.

The Jam Factory Art Center was envisioned as a cultural space where the various disciplines of art meet in a time of peace. This initiative aims to bring artists back to their craft and encourage them fo share their experiences. They offer one-time financial support to artists and curators in various fields of art (theater, music, cinema, visual arts) who are active in their sector and have the opportunity to reflect on wartime in their works.

Jam Factory Arts Centre welcomes donations to support this initiative.

The programme is possible thanks to the donations of organisations that understand the difficult circumstances faced by Ukrainian artists and the importance of financial support so Ukrainian culture can survive throughout this war. Anyone can join the Artists in War program, both personally and institutionally. Any contribution is important to the programme.

We thank all donors for their contributions.