We would like to thank all artists who have submitted their works following our open call in May as a response to the current situation in the world and the war in Ukraine. We are delighted to showcase the works of selected artists. Explore the artworks and learn all about the artists.


“My work is concerned with the complexities of identity, belonging and home. From quite innocent exploration of what Home is since 2020 it has been turning darker and darker each year, revealing its shadow sides – first, home becoming a confinement, then – falling apart altogether. Themes of losing home, broken homes, damaged roots, displacement and losing ground lead to questioning identity even more – who am I when my world has fallen apart?

Anastasia Beltyukova/ Tribambuka. Bucha, 2022, 60x80cm,oil on canvas

Also the war that the country I used to call home has started, highlighted gender injustice for me. An ultimate objectification of a woman is her body becoming a symbol of a conquered land, leading to unimaginable crimes, and I’m finding that gender inequality, female rage and resilience are taking over my practice at the moment as my way to process it and facilitate a discussion of the need of a cultural and political change”.

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ELENA FEDORENKO, Pianist-Composer

Ellen F is a classically trained pianist-composer whose sound focuses on music means as a metaphor. Her aesthetic exploration ranges from classical contemporary piano miniatures to experimental alternative. Through her harmonic language she has blended sophisticated sorrow and melancholic hope and updated classical music for contemporary life. Aesthetic platform of her music – inner world of a person, which refers to loneliness, grief, sadness, regret, desperation and endless soul projection and actualisation.

©Elena Fedorenko

“In my compositions I’m searching something that has been lost, but stays irreplaceable. It’s my attempt to find a meaning in a series of meaningless events and things, which surround our world”.

©Elena Fedorenko

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“For me it is important to reflect the pain and grief through my art, because only art can unite people and only art lives forever. Everything will vanish at the end, but not art. When there are no words left, music can speak…”

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“Drawing has always been and remains for me an attempt to understand myself, an opportunity to express my feelings and emotions. Therefore, I could not pass by the Ukrainian events. In Kazakhstan, in January 2022, mass riots, coup attempts, and terrorist attacks took place. As soon as the situation in our country stabilized, the news announced the events in Ukraine. We, who have not really recovered from recent events, took it with pain.

©Akku Kazmoldaeva

Ukrainians and Russians are fraternal peoples, so it’s very hard to watch them fight. They have similar traditions and culture, one of them is Maslenitsa, which is celebrated for a whole week. The last day of the week is called Forgiven Sunday, when you need to forget all the insults and forgive everyone. In honor of this day, I painted this work of art with the hope that the two countries will reconcile. The whole planet is worried about Ukraine, and we all want Peace to come”.

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NATALIA SAMSONOVA, Photographic Work and Mixed Media



“I hope someday these words will be banned. But now I will call my series of works with Ukrainian refugees exactly like that. The victims of propaganda and the ambitions of politicians. This is precisely the purpose of the special military operation in Ukraine. I can’t stop the horror from happening. But as an artist, I want to show all the horror of what is happening, to emphasize the absurdity of these words and actions and the destinies of thousands of peaceful citizens of a fraternal country that have been destroyed. These people are refugees. They fled from the hot spots of Ukraine. Their husbands remained in Ukraine. We became very good friends, despite the fact that I am Russian. I really hope that my works will make people think about the fact that any political games concern, first of all, ordinary families, our children, and loved ones. You can’t think that it doesn’t concern you. Each of us can influence the situation”. 

“Julia. Silence” by Natalia Samsonova

“Denazification 01” by Natalia Samsonova

“Demilitarization” by Natalia Samsonova

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