The artist Alexey Firsov is not a novice in London. He has already had series of his exhibitions here, one having taken place at the Riflemaker gallery. This time, it is the Arthill gallery which showcases series of new, fresh works by the artist. The title of the new exhibition is‘Cross Country’.

Alexey Firsov names himself a “lavist” — the one who treats the layers of pigment as lava, the lava which he has to master and redirect. Indeed, his paintings seem to be reminiscent of Kiefer of Auerbach’s methods. And like them, he spends tons of pigments when creating just one single painting. In his own words, Firsov lives in the woods, and is interested in nature, its waywardness, spontaneity and creative force.

Firsov who only works “en plein-air” removes himself as far as possible from civilization, and derives intense inspiration and energy from the wilds of the natural world. This selection of Firsov’s works demonstrate perfectly the rigorous and expressive power of the brushwork, immediacy of nature and intense energy of the colours.

The exhibition will follow the auction of Firsov’s work on the artnet online auction. One of his paintigs fetched $47 500 at a recent auction in 2016


  • Date: 25 May 2017
  • Arthill Gallery Hide Map Arthill Gallery, Ground Floor, Lourdes Apartments, North End Rd, London, W14 9NU