In a few days on 4-9 October 2020 a joint exhibition of works by Alena Shkermontova, Olga Dyukova and Alina Popova  will open at the Moscow Union of Artists. In the run up to the exhibition the incredible fine artist Alena Shkermontova talks about her creative practice and journey as an artist with cinematographer Mikhail Krichman. You may watch this video on our YouTube channel in Russian with English subtitles (make sure you switch on the Subtitles option in Settings).

What is means to paint? How to find inspiration? What does an artist feel when engaged in creative practice? What does art education mean for an artist? Is showing own art important for an artist? What is the relationship of the artist with the viewers? What is the process of creating an artwork? These and many more questions are raised as Alena takes you through her creative practice and offers an overview of the exhibition.

Alena Shkermontova and Mikhail Krichman. @Alena Shkermontova

“Where the artist lives, he absorbs the light. So if the person lives where there is dispersed wonderful sunlight reflecting in water, imagine how it spills everywhere. And imagine our climate, half a year the sky lay on your head. For half a year there is no light at all. And when I thought about people seeing Rublev, our everything. And the work is so beautiful, I get chills when I see it. These combinations he used… I want to think that this is how it was back then. Because that red with that green and that blue, I think,  could be painted only by a Russian artist. Because the light and correlations are different”. — Alena Shkermontova

The exhibition will open for visitors on Sunday, 4 October, from 4pm till 8pm. You can then visit the exhibition from 12pm to 7pm each day until 9 October.


  • Date: 04 October 2020 - 09 October 2020
  • Moscow House of Artists Moscow, Starosadsky pereulok, 5.