We have been creating and sharing articles and events about Russian and Eastern European art and culture for over 10 years on a non-profit basis. It has been a delightful journey of welcoming contributions from artists, academics and other cultural workers to our articles, Youtube channel, podcast and social media. We ran artist residencies and open calls, promoted emerging creative’s work and supported international charitable organisations. We also launched Russian Art Week in London which was joined by Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Roseberys, Sworders, Bonhams, MacDougall’s, Shapero Rare Books and others. This is a biannual event bringing Russian and Eastern European art together in leading auction houses and galleries. ​

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​After an incredibly successful run, we have been hit by the current conflict in Russia as well as the pandemic. As an independent platform, we have found it difficult to cover our costs in order to keep bringing you the high quality content that you are used to at the same pace. We are now at risk of closure, and ask for your help. Among members of our audience are art lovers from all over the world, academics and world culture enthusiasts – if you value our content and would like us to continue working to bring you cutting edge research in the field of Eastern European Cultural Studies, events from all over the world, auction results, podcast episodes and videos, we ask you to donate any affordable amount on a regular basis. ​ ​Even if each one of our audience members donated £1, we would be able to continue working and growing. If we are unable to raise an amount that covers our running costs, we will be forced to shut down, so we thank you in advance for your support over the past few years, and in this new stage! ​ ​We are hoping that if our initial fundraising round is successful, we will be able to make tiered memberships to offer merchandise and special benefits for our supporters. We are endlessly grateful for your ongoing trust in Russian Art & Culture! ​