SAAS London Art Gallery will present a solo exhibition by established Russian artist and designer Masha Trotzky. The idea is to recycle aggressive propaganda campaigns into something beautiful, creative and humane.

Masha Trotzky

“NewsPaperWork” Jewellery collection was created by Masha Trotzky in 2015 as an extension of art project dedicated to the role of propaganda and news in contemporary society.

The series “Social Madness” is dedicated to the new aesthetic and ideology dictated to us by social networks. How did Facebook and YouTube change our habits and behaviour and language? How fake materials and fake news became an obligatory part of our life? And who are they – the People of the Future? This project was created in 2019 and will be shown in London for the first time.

Born in Moscow, Masha Trotzky started her art career in 2009, became the “Best Photographer of Russia” (2010) National Award winner, received the Silver Graphis Award in New York (2015) and Aesthetica Art Prize in UK (2015). Artist and jewellery designer, she has had solo exhibitions in Moscow, Florence, Barcelona, Hamburg, Brussels, Milan and Bologna.

  • Date: 22 November 2019 - 15 January 2020
  • SAAS Gallery 111 Cheyne Walk Chelsea London England SW10 0DJ
  • Website: