The new non-profit Red Door Project Space opens on the 1st of December in South Kensington. It is designed to be a meeting point for different cultural disciplines and is dedicated to supporting the creation of new contemporary practice through an ensuing  programme of exhibitions, commissions, events and artist development.

Lorraine Fossi, Flight of The Storks (Triptych), 2015. Acrylic and oil on linen, plastic mirror, snow-globe

Private view: December 1st, 2017, 6 – 9 p.m.

Exhibition: December 1st,  2017 – January 7th, 2018 (by appointment only)

Artists: Mila Dolman, Lorraine Fossi, James Tabbush, Alexey Sysoev

Curator: Olga Pogasova




The Line of Flight, the first exhibition at Red Door, presents the work of artists Mila Dolman, Lorraine Fossi, James Tabbush and composer Alexey Sysoev and explores the theme of migration. The exhibition takes its name from the Deleuzian term, which describes a theory of nomadism: the desire to continually move to new territories. Every participant lives through the phenomenon of migration in a particular way: Mila Dolman through acceptance, Lorraine Fossi through expansion, James Tabbush through exploration and Alexey Sysoev through sonic submersion.

The artist Mila Dolman repaints the door of the project space (which simultaneously is her actual residence) in red commemorating it as a mark of her own precarious position as a migrant in British society.  Bright red doors were the first thing that new asylum seekers saw on their arrival in the North-East of England in 2012. That was the way the construction company marked off their temporary housing from the rest of the town’s population. This was only brought to the public’s attention in 2016, after years of reported abuse from the locals who targeted the red doors for their attacks.

Lorraine Fossi’s installation consisting of the painting Flight of the Storks and the installation Let’s Go Charrette will stage an artistic invasion of the space. The installation acts as a kind of temporary camp or mobile home. She invades the space with the artifacts of her personal migration. Her convertible charrette (cart) is a workbench, a vehicle, a bed for vagabond, or a storage unit.

The video by James Tabbush in collaboration with Lorraine Fossi presents in altered form the spirit of exploration attributable to any newcomer. It sees the work of art from the perspective of an outsider, as an alien landscape full of barriers and unknown signs.

The composition, Wallpapers 9.2 by Alexey Sysoev, is subtitled as travellers and symbolizes the omnipresent nature of migration, which only gains its completion when intermingled with the surrounding milieu.

About the Red Door Project Space

Red Door is a new non-profit project space located in South Kensington. The space sits within a 19th century mews house and is run by artist Mila Dolman and curator Olga Pogasova. It is designed to be a meeting point for different cultural disciplines. It is dedicated to supporting the creation of new contemporary practice through an ambitious programme of exhibitions, commissions, events and artist development.

Red Door creates a dialogue between emerging artists and curators of varying nationalities and cultural interests and provides a testing ground to explore the interplay of art and life, the personal and the societal. The space will also provide a platform for audiences to engage with  this international dialogue.

About the participants

Mila Dolman (born Moscow, 1988) is an artist based in London. She is a BA graduate in Ceramics from the Stroganov Academy of Fine Arts and Industry. She is currently undertaking an MA in Fine Art Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

Lorraine Fossi (born Paris, 1964) is an artist based in London. She trained as an architect at the Beaux Arts in Paris and graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the City and Guilds Art School.

Alexei Sysoev (born Moscow, 1972) is a composer based in Moscow. After graduating from the College of Improvised Music, in 2011, he completed his student and post-graduate studies at the Moscow Conservatory. In 2013, he received a Golden Mask award for best composer in a musical production in Russia.

James Tabbush (born London, 1991) is an artist and curator based in London. He graduated  with a BA in Fine Art at the City and Guilds Art School. He is the director of the Pipeline Project space in West London.

Olga Pogasova (born Moscow, 1988) is an independent curator based in London. She recently completed her MA in Culture, Criticism, and Curation at Central Saint Martins. From 2013 until 2016 she was the head of a non-profit art gallery GROUND Peschanay in Moscow.


The Red Door Project Space is situated in South Kensington, 5 mins. walk from Gloucester Road tube station. This venue is both our home and project space. If you want to attend the private view on the 1st of December or visit the space any other day please contact us by email at

Opening hours:

1st December, 2017 – 7th January, 2018, by appointment only

Telephone: 07429351588


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