The famous Russian actor and mime Igor Lamba gives only one single performance in London. The solo performance is a reverent tribute to the Russian cabaret singer Alexander Vertinsky who was famous as singer and composer before, and especially, after the revolution. Gradually, the complex peripeties of the destiny of this Russian cabaret star unravel in front of the audience.  Through the songs the show relates about Vertinsky’s wanderings from country to country after the fateful revolution in 1917.  The performance is based upon unique archival materials  and monographs dedicated to  life and work of this uniquely gifted Russian genius.

Vertinsky used to say that the “soul of an artist, like the Mother of God, should become subject to all kinds of sufferings. How much humiliation, rudeness, offence, how many insults, severe hurts to my pride did I suffer throughout all these years! This was the retribution. The retribution for having once become oblivious of my motherland”.

Igor Lamba compares performing this show to falling in love. Performances of this kind are being tenderly nursed and lovingly cherished for a long period of time before they mature. They are being re-worked and redone many times before they are ripe and complete. Lamba created the whole show in order to capture the quintessence of the poet’s soul:  suffering, singing, mischievous, unique. Gradually, in front of the viewers’ eyes, the scores and the plots fuse into the melody of life of the unrivalled composer, singer, actor and performer Alexander Vertinsky.

“The whole performance is the history of love and soaring flight amidst the complex and cruel rhythms of revolutions and wars of the early 20th century”.  This is a rare chance to see the excellent performance of Igor Lamba and witness his gift of transformation into another person from a different bygone era.  A show not to miss.

About Igor Lamba:

Artist of pantomime and drama, clown- mime, choreographer. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, (1990), Faculty of Directing and Producership, Department of Directing. He performed in a number of plays, including “The Flight” (by Bulgakov) at the Theatre of Miniatures and staged and directed the show “The Soul of a Clown”.