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Volume 86, No. 2, April 2008
The Relaunch of the Soviet Project, 1945–64
edited by Juliane Fürst, Polly Jones and Susan Morrissey

SEER’s first special issue, “The Relaunch of the Soviet Project”, is available from the SEER office:

The Soviet revolutionary project, conceived and modified in the years between 1917 and 1941, had to be reconstructed, re-legitimized and re-imagined after 1945. Devoted to the years following the Soviet Union’s spectacular victory in World War
Two, the eight essays in this volume explore the dichotomies — mismanagement and repression, innovation and achievement —that characterized an era which holds the key to the eventual demise of the USSR.

1. Robust Revolution to Retiring Revolution: The Life Cycle of the Soviet Revolution, 1945–1968
Amir Weiner
2. Between Salvation and Liquidation: Homeless and Vagrant Children and the Reconstruction of
Soviet Society Juliane Fürst
3. Peace or Pacifism? The Soviet ‘Struggle For Peace in All the World’ 1948–54 Timothy Johnston
4. Individual Forms of Ownership in the Urban Housing Fund of the USSR, 1944–64 Mark B.
5. What Can and Cannot Be Said: Between the Stalinist Past and New Soviet Future Cynthia
6. POWs and Purge Victims: Attitudes towards Party Rehabilitation, 1956–57 Miriam Dobson
7. Memories of Terror or Terrorizing Memories? Terror, Trauma and Survival in Soviet Culture
of the Thaw Polly Jones
8. Amateur Theatres and Amateur Publics in the Russian Republic, 1958–71 Susan Costanzo
Copies available from the SEER office: 020 7679 8724;

Read the April issue here:

The entire run of SEER – from 1922 to the present – is now available from JSTOR.
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