Tissue Equivalent Mannequin, 1969 State Polytechnic Museum / Photo © Science Museum

Tissue Equivalent Mannequin, 1969 State Polytechnic Museum / Photo © Science Museum

Revealing the Cosmonaut symposium

At the Science Museum, London

5 February from 9 am to 7pm

Join us for a one-day event that seeks a better understanding of the social and cultural roots and manifestations of the Russian space programme. It accompanies the Museum’s current major exhibition, Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age.

Recent scholarship has added to the historical perspectives with which Imperial, Soviet and Federal Russia’s interest and fascination with space has been examined. Received histories that emphasised the political or the technological in relative isolation are now complemented by broader views that incorporate social and cultural histories of Russia.

In a departure from many traditional museum galleries of space exploration, the Science Museum’s Cosmonauts exhibition echoes this trend. While presenting an unprecedented display of original and flown Russian spacecraft, it nonetheless seeks to situate the technology in a cultural context.

The Revealing the Cosmonaut symposium brings these scholarly and museological traditions together in a fresh appreciation of the history of Russian space exploration.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Asif Siddiqi – Professor of history at Fordham University, currently Eleanor Searle Visiting Professor of History, California Institute of Technology
  • Cathleen Lewis – Curator of International Space Programs and Spacesuits, Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum
  • John E Bowlt – Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • Julia Richers – Professor of Modern General and Eastern European History, University of Bern
  • Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock – Assistant Professor of Russian History, Wesleyan University, Connecticut
  • Slava Gerovitch – Lecturer in the History of Mathematics and Cybernetics and Director of the Program for Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Doug Millard – Deputy Keeper, Technologies & Engineering and Senior Curator, Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age exhibition, Science Museum

Please note: Price includes lunch, an evening reception and admission to the Cosmonauts exhibition. Registration is necessary for this event

Please visit the website to reserve your place.