Olga Kosterina: Dilemma Hill Street Theatre, 3–25 Aug (not 13), 1pm ****

Olga Kosterina in Dilemma

Olga Kosterina in Dilemma

Dilemma is an hour long physical theatre play, choreographed and performed by Russia-born Olga Kosterina. It sees her going through the infinite conflict between the good and the bad, the struggle which we all face.

The dance, which fuses elements of ballet with those of contemporary dance, is constantly changing. The pace and rhythm are in a constant transition, mirroring the on-going battle between the two opposites. The energy of the performance is intense and present throughout, only varying from lyrical and gentle when portraying the positive and good of the two, to lush and even aggressive when symbolizing the dark side of the spectrum. Yet the thread of narrative does not get lost for a single moment.

Very little other props are used in the production, with everything from the stage setting to the costume design being kept to the bare minimum. Yet it maintains the act free from any distractions from the beautifully executed and breath taking performance.

As is concludes, Kosterina shows with her dance that the fight between the two opposites never ends. At best, we get a mere co-existence of the two within which the conflict is ever on-going; at worst, we are torn by it for all our lives.

At the end of the performance Kosterina received a standing ovation from the audience at awe, to which the artist answered with a humble bow and a single word: spasibo.

 Signe Akmenkalne