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Russian Art and Culture started out as a blog and is now the leading online platform for Russian art and culture in the world. We work with some of the world’s leading cultural organisations including numerous museums, galleries, theatres, publishers and ballet companies to bring you news, exhibitions, and events on Russian culture throughout the world. In April 2014 Russian Art and Culture was voted one of the Top Ten Arts and Culture blogs alongside Tate Modern and the British Library at the UK Blog Awards.

Our founder, Theodora Clarke, was first inspired to set up a blog on Russian art following her successful ‘Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West’ conference at the University of Bristol in 2011 (details below).

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Russian Art Week

In 2012 we launched a sister website and published our first print publication. We now publish the official guide to Russian Art Week in London. Russian Art Week is a bi-annual event which takes place in June and November each year. The major auction houses of Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and MacDougall’s all join together to present a series of Russian sales in London. Several Russian exhibitions and related cultural events also take place ranging from visual arts, theatre and concerts, to ballets and talks.

You can view a copy of the most recent edition here.

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Our first ever Russian Art Market Report is available here: Russian Art Market Report, by Simon Hewitt, Nov14


Our Services

At Russian Art and Culture we are experts in organising and promoting Russian cultural events, both our own and those of our clients. Our services include:

Art Advisory: We offer curatorial expertise and assistance in planning and mounting exhibitions.

Russian Cultural Events: We have a strong record of organising Russian cultural events such as public talks, conferences and private events, including venue selection and attracting relevant speakers.

Press and PR: We provide services promoting cultural events to a targeted audience.

We are proud of our role in promoting Russian culture to a Western audience and are open to new projects. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you feel you would like to discuss our services further.


More information about the academic conference that inspired us to set up Russian Art & Culture:

Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West 

The University of Bristol held a one-day postgraduate conference which explored the nature of cultural exchanges between Russia and the West. This unique conference was an opportunity to re-examine artistic creativity during the twentieth century, a time of revolutionary and ideological change, and to look at cultural connections between Russia, Europe and the United States.

Russian history is marked by key moments of contact and exchange which have shaped and transformed its cultural heritage. The conference’s aim was to trace the history of cultural production during a period of artistic and political evolution within and outside of Russia. The development of Russian culture within national and international contexts was considered with a focus on art, literature and music. We challenged the idea that Russia was isolated by geography and politics.

A primary focus was to examine key moments of contact between Russian artists, writers and composers in different contexts and to explore emigration and moments of cultural interaction. These contacts across geographic, political and cultural boundaries are essential to our understanding of the development of Russian art and culture.

Current postgraduate students, recent PhD recipients and researchers working on areas of Russian scholarship from a range of academic fields attended the conference. The day allowed the cross-pollination of ideas and foster debate across a number of different disciplines. Postgraduates from a range of different disciplines including art history, history, literature, politics, film, music and cultural studies attended this event.

Three panel sessions:

Cultural Connections: Russia and the European avant-garde

Art, Patronage and Display: Cultural exchange between Russia and the United States

Stalin and the West: Interpretation and Representation of the Soviet Union

This conference was organised by Theodora Clarke, Founder and former Editor of Russian Art and Culture.

Call for papers and overview:

Conference report: